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The Next Step


I wanted to talk to you about my current process when I finish one body of work and move towards creating the next one. It is something I have always struggled with as it is often at this stage of the creative process that I feel most shaky.

Moving from the positivity of concluding a body of work to having to make choices and decisions about the next creative step.


Recently I have changed my approach and mindset to how I tackle this part of the journey. I’m looking back at the work I’ve created and asking myself, “Did creating this piece bring about the desired feelings you want?”.

I’ve come to understand that it is not about what I’m creating, ‘the finished piece’, it’s about how I feel when I’m creating it.


So as I launch my latest collection of paintings this week and planning out my next step I’m trying not to let self doubt lead the way, and instead I’m following the feelings that brought me peace, connection, calm and ease.


Seven Sisters is one of my most favourite projects from the last month, working on smaller scale, having a purpose for my work, translating feelings, thoughts and emotions into line.

I’m excited to see how this evolves into my next body of work and I look forward to sharing more of the process with.

‘Seven Sisters’

‘Seven Sisters’

Until next time please remember just how 'Strong and Capable' you truly are!

Much Love,

Johanna x

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