Welcome! Thank you so much for sticking around to find out more about me and my work.

If you don’t know me already from social media, name is Johanna Rossi. I’m a British female artist and mother of two living in Monaco.

I create art that supports women like you through the self doubt that many of us suffer from.

As someone who suffers from feeling very uncertain in my own life as a creative and in my role as a mother I understand the daily struggles that women face.

My artwork is created to accompany and support you through your own journey, reminding you of how far you have come, how far you want to go and that you are exactly where you need to be, to learn what you need to, in order to get there.

My hope is that a piece of my art will act like a proverbial lighthouse in your home during an internal ‘storm’. That my art will support and encourage you through your insecurities, so that you find the courage to over come your negative inner thoughts, find clarity in your action and have peace of mind with the choices you end up making.

My overall mission reminding women that they are ‘Strong and Capable’ of dealing with whatever comes their way.