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The creative process doesn't end with the artist


The lovely Joanna from Lazy Mom’s Blog recently featured my I Am Not My Scars print in her one room challenge. I felt that I had to write a post about this for a few reasons. Firstly to say a HUGE thank you to Joanna, because I just LOVE her interpretation of this piece and the frame she has put it in - Just look how beautiful she looks!


On seeing her images it got me thinking about how the creative process really doesn’t end with the artist, in this case me, and how one of the most rewarding parts of this process is getting to see how my pieces are given life and meaning through the experiences of its new owner.


The fact that Joanna has used this piece in her bathroom interior has many meanings for me. The bathroom in essence can been seen as a place where we can be vulnerable, ‘shed layers, it is also a place where we carry out self care, perhaps go to retreat from a noisy house, or after a busy day, a place that we can go to contemplate. Some of my best ideas come when I’m brushing my teeth or in the shower! I had never thought of hanging this print in a bathroom, but when I saw Joanna’s photos I held my breathe a little longer than usual.

I Am Not My Scars is about my personal battles against feelings of shame. My journey to not defining myself by what hurt and still hurts me. It’s also about feeling misunderstood (which is still a big issue for me) and I think when we show/share physical or emotional scars to the people around us, the battle it is then for them not to define us by those scars.

My hope is that this piece would bring courage to anyone in this situation and to remind them that the right people will truly see you, hold space for you and allow you to grow and bloom despite those scars.


I think a lot of my self doubt around my work comes from the fear of it or me being misunderstood and so I am very grateful for people like Joanna, and of course you, who see my work for what it is, my way of saying that, “I get it” and I know that my art can’t take the pain or negative feelings away, however I do hope that it will remind you just how Strong and Capable you truly are.


Do you ever feel like you have been defined with your scars?

Until next time friends x