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Expressing myself and communicating through words became an integral part of my creative process in the months before I picked up my paint brushes again.

Another ‘medium’ in which I feel that I can not only express myself, but also another way with which I can sift though my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I wanted to share a poem with you that I wrote last year.


Soften be kind be gentle, settle in, the weather here can be temperamental, let go and make room to grow all those seeds, for centuries, you have sown.

Be still, get used to the discomfort, let the rains fall, get wet, and let the darkness enthral, cover you, be your shroud, for it’s in the deepest dark that whisper will be so loud.

Show your world down, quieten your thoughts, dig a little deeper and weed out what rots, beneath the surface there lies your treasure, reminders of what make you , you and gifts of abundant pleasure.

Wait out the storm and witness your world transform, see it flourish and blossom, your heaviness soon to be forgotten.

Be patient, feel beneath your feet the ground so sodden and get comfortable being a rock bottom.

As the clouds clear and the downpour subsides, you’ll feel it rising up from deep inside.

What you have been seeking all along, it is within you that it resides.

Tend to your own garden, shower it with water and light and you’ll soon realise it was all an internal fight.

All these years did it your soul consume, it is time for you now to let yourself grow and bloom.

I find much comfort in reading the words of others and I hope that you will read my words at the right time and that they in turn will bring you comfort too.


I would love to know if you find strength/peace in the written word friends.

Until next time friends, please remember just how 'Strong and Capable' you truly are!

Much Love,

Johanna x

The creative process doesn't end with the artist

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