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I paint to process and celebrate a woman's journey to her authentic self. I try to describe my experience of this journey, translating my feelings into shapes and colour. Breaking down the 'whole', into vital pieces. Concentrating on what really matters. 

My paintings describe the multiple facets of a woman, some being very complex, with contrasting shapes and colours, others where I have abstracted a feeling, picking it out and processing it. My paintings have parts which appear unfinished, representing a 'women in process', forever stripping back as she strives to feel fully at ease in her mind and body.

It has been a long journey to get to this chapter and creating art is truly my passion, I am now truly dedicated to learning to give into the creative process, in the hope that my art will continue to grow with me as I grow as a woman and mother.


// BIO //

Johanna is a British abstract artist born in 1979.

Johanna grew up in the South East of England and is currently living in the Principality of Monaco with her husband and two children, working from her home studio.

Johanna has a background in art and design and studied interior architecture at Brighton University, graduating with a first class honours in 2001, since then Johanna has worked as a graphic designer for the Walt Disney Co., an editorial assistant for a fashion magazine, a freelance designer, become a trained IIN holistic health coach and is now dedicating her time to her art and raising her family. 

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